spider-man menace

Despite the fact that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is already jam-packed with villains (or characters who will later become villains) such as Electro, the Rhino, Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin), Harry Osborn (the Green Goblin II), and a rumored Vulture, when Felicity Jones was added to the cast, many assumed she’d portray the anti-hero Black Cat.  Yet, according to the actress herself, she may be playing an entirely different villain altogether.

While speaking to View London, Jones states that her role is “all quite shrouded in secrecy.”  She did, however, let slip that her character will be “the Goblin’s girlfriend.  I’m in a relationship with him, and his accomplice.  I’m on the dark side.

Two things—first, this confirms that the Goblin will be The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for all those of you out there who need that kind of thing spoiled.  Second, in the Spider-Man comics, Harry Osborne/ Green Goblin’s galpal is a woman named Lily Hollister, who injects the Goblin serum and becomes the villain Menace.

So, what exactly is happening in the Spider-Man movie universe?  It seems that Sony is trying to create as many villains possible, perhaps to create a Sinister Six on-screen analogue to Marvel’s The Avengers and Warner Bros’ Justice League.

Do you think we’ll hear more about this at Comic-Con?

Source: Cinema Blend