jackass bad grandpa

Seeing as how the Paranormal Activity franchise—in which various home devices record ghosts annoying a California by opening and shutting various doors with increasing loudness—has been offering Paramount a series of diminishing returns (Paranormal Activity 4 made about $70 million less than Paranormal Activity 3), the movie studio announced today that it is bumping the ghostly franchise out of its traditional release slot for, well, a Jackass spinoff, because somehow they think that will do more business.

Jackass: Bad Grandpa, a spinoff of the Jackass sketch in which Johnny Knoxville plays Irving Zisman, an elderly curmudgeon who takes his grandson out for some hot dogs, smokes, and booze, while confronting real people on the street who are horrified by his actions.  Check out the sketch:

Paramount has announced that the film (which we’re guessing will be a Borat-type endeavor in which Knoxville’s character is dropped into to the real world to engender real reactions) is now slated for Paranormal Activity 5’s original October 25, 2013 release date, while Paranormal Activity 5 will be dropped onto audiences sometime in January, which is where most bad films go to die quick and merciless deaths.

What do you think of the Jackass/ Paranormal Activity switch?

Source: THR