We tend to hate on Hollywood studios because of the movie projects they choose to fund (Transformers 4, anyone?). So much of typical Hollywood product tends to be huge, expensive spectacles with little-to-no story, heavy special effects and poor acting. So, we at ScreenCrave have decided to help jump behind the indie film. Every week we’ve been bringing you an Indie Fundraiser Roundup, which features projects seen on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Now we’re adding on to it by including some of the Best Indie Film Trailers Of The Week. Check out this week’s picks below.

  • THE GRANDMASTER: Acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai‘s The Grandmaster tells the story of legendary kung fu master Ip Man (also known as Yin Man) who trained other legends including Bruce Lee. The film puts Tony Leung in the title role, and follows him through 1936, when, during the Japanese Invasion, Ip Man clashes with Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), another trained master. The film also navigates the lives of Gong Baotian (Wang Qingxiang) and The Razor (Chang Chen) through this unstable period in 20th Century China. The Weinstein Company picked up The Grandmaster at the Berlin International Film Festival and plans to release the film on August 23, 2013.

  • I DECLARE WAR: There’s something very endearing about Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson‘s I Declare War. The indie film focuses on summer war games between neighbourhood kids playing with imaginary artillery. Things start to get serious when jealousy and betrayal enter the mix, thus turning this into a coming-of-age story. The trailer makes the whole thing look very serious, but there are also very sweet elements intertwined, like when one of this kids says, “This isn’t hopscotch, man,” or when two kids share a secret handshake. The film played at Fantastic Fest and won the Audience Award. Drafthouse Films will be releasing I Declare War via VOD on July 26th, and will also distribute to some theaters on August 30th.

  • A FRAGILE TRUST: Samantha Grant‘s documentary A Fragile Trust tells the account of Jayson Blair, a young African-American reporter who plagiarized articles while working for the New York Times, bringing the prestigious paper to its lowest point in 152 years of business. The documentary premiered at Sheffield Docs in June 2013, and is currently screening at festivals globally. There’s no release date for the film yet.

Indie Fundraiser Pick of the Week:

  • FOR A FRIEND: Madeleine Ulinski is working on her senior thesis for Ithaca College, and her project struck a cord with me, personally. For A Friend is a hand drawn water colored animation about friendship and love, done in memory of her dog Whiskey. If you’ve ever lost a dog, you know that it’s one of the hardest things to go through. (I recently learned this, and the pain still stings.) Ulinski has completed her film, but there are still a few steps left. She’s not asking for much, so do check out her project at Kickstarter.

Those are the projects we have for you this week. Be sure to check back every week for our Best Indie Film Trailers of the Week–helping you stay informed about indie cinema.

Which of these projects interests you? Which are you looking forward to? Got one we missed?