David Fincher is a revered director, but he’s also one of those filmmakers who attached himself to a lot of projects. One of those, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, has fallen apart, while he’s working on casting his next, as a writer is working on the possible The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel.

The Playlist is saying that 20,000 Leagues has been dead for a while, which is no surprise. There hasn’t been any movement on the project, and as they note, Disney has been having bad luck reviving old pulp fiction after John Carter and The Lone Ranger. Brad Pitt passed, while Matt Damon and Daniel Craig passed because of the 140 day shoot (they’re family men) and neither Channing Tatum nor Chris Hemsworth could get both director and studio approval to lead a $200 Million dollar production.

In this report, it’s also noted that Andrew Kevin Walker (who got his big break writing Se7en) is working on a draft of The Girl Who Played with Fire, the TGWTDT sequel. But they suggest if it doesn’t start shooting early in 2014, it might not get made at all, as Craig’s Bond commitments would keep him busy into 2015. That first film did just okay fiscally, so — even though the report suggests Sony wants to move forward with the follow up because they overpaid for the first draft of the sequel — we wouldn’t be surprised if Dragon Tattoo was a one-off.

But it’s not all bad news as The Hollywood Reporter is… reporting that Fincher wants Rosamund Pike to be his leading lady against Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, which is scheduled to start shooting this fall. Pike recently appeared in Jack Reacher and will be on the big screen later this summer in Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End. Though she may not have the box office clout of some of the names bandied about, her profile has been on the rise. And this one seems to actually be moving forward. Yay.

Are you bummed we won’t get Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues?