Seth MacFarlane‘s American Dad has been on the air since 2005, and has already produced over 150 episodes. It’s already in syndication, but it seems the show had run out of favor at Fox, where it will have one last season starting in the fall. But the show isn’t going away, it’s moving to TBS in 2014 with a fifteen episode run.

Deadline is reporting this news, and saying that it will be at TBS for its eleventh season, though the show just finished its eighth, and that would seemingly make it the tenth season that starts on TBS, but — let’s face it — counting is difficult. The show, much like Family Guy, is already playing repeats on TBS and on the Cartoon Network, so perhaps getting to a 200 episode total may be the end game.

When a show has been on the air long enough and is in syndication, the revenue it produces can be so great — even if the numbers are mediocre — that new episodes essentially pay for themselves. That’s been the case with shows like Scrubs, which moved networks but kept going because it was a cash cow. Now that basic cable has been picking up network leftovers like this and Cougar Town, there may be new life for shows that lasted long enough to become comfort food.

Are you happy to see American Dad get more episodes?