Somewhere in Marvel Studios, on a producers’ untidy desk sits a wish list of candidates to play Doctor Strange, and at the top of that list is the name of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, at least according to Latino Review. The site discloses that the studio wants JGL for the role of the Master of the Mystic Arts, but no deal has been struck yet, as a matter of fact, the actor and his team are “probably unaware” that he’s a top choice.

Ever since Marvel Studios’ CEO Kevin Feige confirmed that Doctor Strange would be getting his standalone movie, Latino Review has been fiercely keeping up by revealing plot details and such. The site does have an incredible track record with stories like these (that’s not to say they haven’t got a few wrong before, but even Deadline makes mistakes). Plus Marvel has shown prior interest in casting Levitt, thus making this story all that more plausible.

While this casting deal is far from confirmed – and like we stated above, the actor may be totally unaware of these talks – he is an enticing choice. The actor’s career is on fire right now. As /Film writes, Levitt has “demonstrated an ability and a willingness to jump between big-budget studio projects” and indie movies, making him a very valuable and versatile actor (not to mention he’s also just a likable guy). Later this year we’ll see him star in his own directorial debut Don Jon, and next year he’ll star in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Would you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Doctor Strange?