If you talked to fellow San Diego Comic-Con attendees just a month ago, they wouldn’t have breathed a word about the upcoming Godzilla remake. Now it’s a completely different situation. The crazy creature is coming back in a big way as Warner Bros brings out the monster for the upcoming convention this week. While we’re not seeing any footage, this cool new poster is good enough.

The Gareth Edwards directed reboot of Godzilla has been very quiet up until this point. There just hasn’t been a whole lot of attention showered on the monster movie, which is a little surprising considering that we’re dealing with one of the most famous monsters in movie history. At least it has a cool cast with the likes of Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranson and Juliette Binoche, just to name a few. Our favorite radioactive monster won’t be making landfall in theaters until some point next year, so we’re being teased about it like crazy at this year’s Comic-Con. Will they show footage? Perhaps, or we hope so. We want to see at least their own version of what the Godzilla monsters will look like. At least this poster gives us the general outline of how he appears in the movie, or so we think.

We’ll be reporting on more Godzilla news as we make our way over to Comic-Con in the middle of this week, so be on the lookout for that! Check out the new Comic-Con exclusive teaser poster below.


Are you excited seeing more images of the new Godzilla?

Source: Slashfilm