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As we head into the madness that is the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, more and more movie studios will be revving up their PR machines into high gear in order to saturate us with every possible promotion and attention-getting spoiler as is possible.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is no different—aside from a sure-to-be-nuts Hall H panel on Saturday, Lionsgate is already leaking promotional pins that fans will likely slaughter one another for, Hunger Games style.  And now, there’s a new picture of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in a wedding dress, just to drive fans into a further frenzy.

Curious as to why our favorite oddly-named dystopian hero is decked out in a wedding gown?  In the film, Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) are the first dual winners of The Hunger Games, and are forced to launch a Victor Tour throughout the Panem districts.  Further, Katniss and Peeta must pretend to be engaged for a serious of convoluted reasons (just ask a teenager or creepy adult who reads Young Adult books); hence, the wedding gown:

Hunger Games Catching Fire wedding dress

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set for a November 22, 2013 release date; the film will hold court at Comic-Con’s Hall H on Saturday, July 20.

What do you think of the new image?

Source: EW (via Cinema Blend)