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As we noted earlier this week when we wrote about Mondo’s roll-out of limited-edition Comic-Con poster art, the San Diego Comic-Con is a mecca of newly-released art and PR for upcoming films (duh).  And today we’ve got news that two more anticipated films are bringing new poster—and even pin—art to the Con: 300: Rise of an Empire and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

First up, 300: Rise of an Empire.  Warner Bros. is bringing some early promotion for the sequel, which doesn’t hit theaters until March 7, 2014—the studio is releasing a new Comic-Con poster for the film next week.  While the film doesn’t away much of the film’s plot (the Greeks and the Persians engage in a massive battle on the sea, while Eva Green does her trademark crazy-eyes thing), it does look pretty cool, which seems to be the guiding force behind the 300 films, anyway:

300 rise of an empire comic con poster

Elsewhere, Lionsgate will be distributing a new pin based upon the design found on the book covers to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the film adaptation of which is set for a November 22 release date.  It isn’t much, but still, expect fans of the books and films to slaughter one another to get their hands on one:

hunger games catching fire comic con pin

What do you think of the Comic-Con news?

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