As we noted in May, following the premiere of Arrested Development’s long-awaited fourth season on Netflix, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings made it clear he would more than willing to green light a fifth season, were the cast willing to come back and film it.  Rather infamously, the Arrested Development’s cast could not manage simultaneous availability for the filming of season four, leaving Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz to create a “puzzle box” structure in which most of the cast never appeared onscreen together (or if they did, it was via green screen).  Now, the streaming content giant is beginning talks to officially bring us another season.

While nothing is confirmed as of yet, Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer has noted that “we are in conversations to do another” season with Netflix, and that the company is “interested in doing that,” according to /Film.

The big question everyone is asking, though, is whether or not Netflix will be able to wrangle together the nine leads to actually film scenes together, or if a potential fifth season would be another Rubik’s Cube of storylines (something that has gained mixed reviews for season four–check out our review of the season).

What do you think—should there be an Arrested Development season five?