Well, it’s finally here—the first trailer for Spike Lee’s Oldboy, which is both a remake of the 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook as well as a re-adaptation of the original Japanese manga series.  And now you can see it in all of its red-band, unnecessary English-remake glory.

The trailer hits all the story beats familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of the Oldboy plot: a hotshot exec (James Brolin) gets kidnapped and wakes in mysterious hotel room, where he is held captive for 20 years.  After spending years training his body for combat, he is set free without warning and sets about to find his captors and their reason for holding him for two decades, while at the same time searching for his daughter (oh, and he’s also framed for this former wife’s murder).  Sound convoluted enough?  Also, along the way, Brolin will bump into Samuel L. Jackson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Sharlto Copley, all while he desperately tries to discover why this remake of a perfect film was actually necessary.  Check it out:

Directed by Spike Lee, Oldboy is set for an October 25th release date.  Will you be seeing it?

What did you think of the trailer?