Mondo is that one company similar to t-shirt sites like TeeFury, where they give out exclusive content on a short basis, except this company over charges. Their product is really good so in a way it’s worth it. Earlier at this year’s WonderCon they decided to go the convention center route, opening up a booth that sold exclusive posters that only attendees could get their hands on. They’re doing the same thing again at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but not all of them are sure-fire hits. 

Easily the most impressive poster of the bunch is the cool, dark interpretation of Spirited Away, the Hayao Miyazaki animated film that’s won the hearts of so many throughout the past decade. Probably the least appealing poster of them all is the one dedicated to Dark Tower which would be impressive if we found this done by an unknown artist somewhere hidden on the DeviantArt website, rather than poster art wizard Drew Struzan.

Still, at least we know that these aren’t the only selections that we’ll be receiving at this year’s Comic-Con. There’s supposed to be even more Mondo posters that will be revealed as the days dwindle down towards Preview Night, which is a week from today. So if you’re a monstrous Mondo fan, get your money ready and make sure you have a pinch left over to feed yourself for the rest of the convention because next week, if you invest your money on these posters, you may be near broke.  Check out the poster on-sale information here.

What do you think of the Mondo poster selections so far?

Source: Slashfilm