the tomb stallone schwarzenegger

For those five or six of you who are still waiting for the full-length Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger cinematic-team up that would have been awesome in the 1980s, pretty cool in the 1990s, kinda cheesy in the 2000s, and never fully capitalized on in The Expendables film, well, your wait has just gotten a little shorter.  While the action giants’ big screen team-up, Escape Plan, isn’t set for release until October 18, Sly and Ah-nuld will be hosting a preview screening of the film at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment will debut the film at Comic-Con 2013 on Thursday, July 18th at the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15, for the first official night of the Con.  The preview will be a red-carpet event, with both Stallone and Schwarzenegger hosting the screening.

Want to go?  Well, passes for the screening will begin trickling out via online giveaways, the Summit Booth on the Comic-Con floor, and right outside the theater before the event (while supplies last).

For that last bit, fans will be allowed to lineup at the theater on 701 5th Avenue, where fans will have a shot at getting in to see Stallone and Schwarzenegger host their first real team-up.

Escape Plan is the story of a wrongly imprisoned engineer (Stallone) who is often hired to escape from prisons in order to find their weak-spots; however (premise coming in!), after being wrongly arrested, he’s imprisoned in a supposedly escape-proof installation, and must team up with a fellow inmate (Schwarzenegger) to find a way to break free.

What do you think of the Escape Plan news?