boston strong

Some breaking news in the Way Too Soon Department: the Patriot’s Day bombing of the Boston Marathon that took place earlier this spring, which caused three deaths, 264 injuries, and a citywide lockdown and manhunt for the two brothers who were suspected in the crime (for those of you who can’t operate a television and apparently had no internet access in April, one of the brothers was killed in a gunfight, while the other was later arrested after being found hidden in a boat), is getting its own movie.

How did the terrible and tragic story get such a quick Hollywood turnaround?  According to /Film, it’s like this: true crime author Casey Sherman and Boston Herald journalist Dave Wedge are currently writing a book entitled Boston Strong, which will examine “both the reaction to the bombing in Boston and the manhunt that ensued only days later.”  And, apparently, The Fighter screenwriters Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy have snapped up the Boston Strong film rights.  Expect the book to hit shelves in 2014.

While it seems far too soon to be turning the bombing into any form of entertainment, perhaps it’s too early to make any judgements—the film could be, like United 93, a darkly realistic portrayal of how people come together in a moment of crisis, rather than just a slick piece of exploitation.  Time will tell, we suppose.

What do you think of the Boston Strong news?