For a good while now filmmaker James Cameron has talked about making movies like Avatar 2, but we haven’t seen any sort of progress on it yet. At this point we kind of figure that it will come out in a decade or won’t happen at all. Right now James Cameron is assuring us that the Avatar sequels are still happening along with the much forgotten movie for Battle Angel.

First, let’s talk a little bit about Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, two sequels that James Cameron has been quietly working on for awhile, but most of us aren’t convinced of its existence until we finally see a little bit of footage from it. From a recent report out of Mexico City, we’re given the heads up as to what’s going on with James Cameron’s long-awaited sequels and what he’ll be working on next.

The filmmaker said that, to one-up Avatar, he will be shifting his focus from creating new technologies to expanding story and characters. This trans-human exploration (themes that have “haunted” him for years) will also extend to his long-rumored Battle Angel, which the filmmaker said he will begin to develop in 2017, presumably around the time he’s in post-production on Avatar 3.

The fact that the filmmaker still wants to work on Battle Angel is a surprise in itself. He hasn’t spoken a word about putting together Battle Angel for the longest while, and the fact that his interest it still there is surprising to hear. Well the filmmaker always has had an affinity for crazy sci-fi stories, so Battle Angel is right up his alley. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Japanese comic, Battle Angel focuses on a beaten up cyborg who’s reconstructed only to slowly uncover more of it’s past, finding out how it got to such a lowly state of existence in a post-apocalyptic world.

At the same time James Cameron decided to go off about how much Hollywood is over-using 3D. For somebody who catapulted the re-emergence of 3D, shouldn’t he partially blame himself for the sudden craze?

I do not think Hollywood is using the 3D properly. The reason I say that Hollywood is not doing well is because it is automatic….”[It's] one thing [to shoot] in 3-D and another to convert to 3-D,” adding that it’s a matter of studios “[trying] to make money,” “pushing 3-D to directors who are not comfortable or do not like 3-D….Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and all those movies should not necessarily be in 3-D. If you spend $150 million on visual effects, the film is already going to be spectacular, perfect.

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Source: Slashfilm