Sometimes, the common wisdom is right. Sometimes, when people say “this is a bad idea” it’s worth noting what they’ve said, and maybe not do that. But here we are and The Lone Ranger is looking to make maybe $100 Million domestic on a $225 Million dollar budget. That ain’t good.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Despicable Me 2 $82,518,000 $20,645 $142,076,000
2 The Lone Ranger $29,432,000 $7,539 $48,936,000
3 The Heat $25,000,000 (-36.1) $7,852 $86,398,000
4 Monsters University $19,590,000 (-57.0) $5,239 $216,127,000
5 World War Z $18,200,000 (-38.9)
$5,489 $158,758,000
6 White House Down $13,500,000 (-45.7) $4,190 $50,478,000
7 Man of Steel $11,415,000 (-45.0) $3,929 $271,206,000
8 Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain $10,100,000 $11,530 $17,460,000
9 This is the End $5,800,000 (-33.3) $2,757 $85,554,000
10 Now You See Me $2,770,000 (-50.6) $1,725 $110,415,000

Despicable Me 2 is cleaning up. With $142 Million in pocket, it may breeze past $300 Million, and possibly lap Iron Man 3 to be the highest grossing film of the summer. Then again, it could top out at $250 Million domestic. Regardless, it’s going to make a great big pile of money, and Universal was right to start working on a spin-off.

The Lone Ranger could be saved by international. When Pirates 4 made $241 stateside, it did $800 Million worldwide, which is what pushed it over the billion dollar mark. If this has a similar 3:1 ratio, it could get to $400 Million worldwide. But international audiences have never been big on westerns, so it’s possible that the film won’t find any traction overseas, and is more than likely to lose money… like a lot of it.

The Heat is going to blow past $100 Million either this week or next Friday. Being the only film that stars women out right now has likely helped boost it. Monsters took a hit with direct competition. If it can level out next week, it could still make it to $300 Million. World War Z held remarkably well, it may just make it to $200 Million, and with international numbers solid, it’s going to (at the very least) break even.

White House Down didn’t open, and nothing can save it now. Man of Steel is on the slow limp to $300 domestic, with the film over half a billion worldwide. It will make it to $600 Million all in, but it’s hard to say if international will outperform domestic. Kevin Hart is a phenomenon, and so his concert film should already be in profit. Depending on how fast some of the these blockbusters fall, his film could stay in the top ten for a while. This is the End will likely fall off before it crosses the century mark, but it worked, and worked well.

Reality Check: I thought Monsters University would hold better, otherwise, not too shabby.

What did you watch this weekend?