A lot of people may be looking at the advertisements so far for Pacific Rim and think that it revolves only around monsters fighting these gigantic robots that match their size. There’s humans that are controlling the robots, and basically a nice chunk of the narrative has been missing from the ads so far. They’ve been concentrating solely on the battle sequences, and while that’s all fine and dandy, we need to see more of who’s piloting these massive robots sooner or later. Then this trailer was released.

Now that we’re a little under a couple of weeks away from the film’s release, the marketing is starting to amp up, but is it all worth it? There’s been a flurry of articles stating the fact that this original property may not be attracting the attention of summer movie-goers like Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures thought it would. Maybe it’ll turn around, but who knows. At this point all they can do is pump out as many advertisements of this picture, as much as possible.

In the new trailer below, we get a better sense of who these people are who are behind creating these monstrous robots. They give us an even better explanation of how these machines work, which sounds pretty neat once you hear the explanation. Pacific Rim may not be getting as high of tracking numbers for it’s opening box office as some of us would like, but it’s not going to stop at least some people from getting stupidly excited for the film.

Are you going to see Pacific Rim when it comes out in theaters?

Source: Slashfilm