The Crow

Let’s be honest—aside from the producers at Relativity Media, there probably isn’t a large group of people out there desperately clamoring for a reboot of The Crow film franchise—the original film was solid, but the remaining sequels (starring such luminaries as Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, and Mark Dacascos) have pretty much watered the concept down to nothing, and reboots have a tendency of, well, being terrible.  Which is why Relativity Media got clever and had The Crow creator James O’Barr sign on to the film as a creative consultant, hoping his name attachment will attract whichever fans out there that aren’t already armed with pitchforks and torches.

That’s right, Relativity Media has convinced O’Barr to sign on as a creative consultant on new film, which will re-adapt O’Barr’s original graphic novel, following in the footsteps of the 1990s film starring Brandon Lee.

The new film is being directed by F. Javier Gutierrez, who will be speaking about The Crow at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, and O’Barr himself will be trotted out for fans at the Con in a bid for legitimacy on Relativity’s part.  As for his feeling’s on the upcoming Luke Evans-starring reboot, O’Barr had this to say:

“It is important for ‘Crow’ fans to understand that Relativity, Javier, Luke and the entire team are working on a new adaptation of the book itself. I believe that this movie will stand alongside Brandon and his film as a valid work of art, and I look forward to collaborating on the project.”

What do you think of The Crow reboot news?

Source: /Film