Just over a year ago, we reported to you on the first international trailer for Brian De Palma’s new film, Passion.  Given De Palma’s auteur status, and that fact that he hasn’t released an enjoyable film in 11 years (nor a great one in more than twice that), film fans watched the trailer in hopes that the old De Palma vision—cool, kinked, obsessive, voyeuristic, and drenched in a love of cinema—would find itself returning to the big screen.  Instead, they got a clip that looked like an ad for a mid-90s soft-core flick.  And now, Passion finally has a U.S. trailer and release date, and the domestic ad for the film isn’t much better.

A remake of the French film Love Crime, Passion stars Rachel McAdams as a powerful and manipulative businesswoman named Christine, and Noomi Rapace portrays her ambitious but seemingly meek underling, Isabelle.  McAdams flirts with Rapace and introduces her to a world of erotic intrigue and blah blah blah, then Isabelle’s boyfriend appears to get sucked in, and then there appears to be a murder that Rapace is blamed for, and it’s all the kind of thing that would kill a 90 minute block of late-night programming on Cinemax in 1997.  Anyway, maybe you’ll dig the trailer:

Passion is set for an August 30, 2013 release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Cinema Blend