The Walking Dead

It’s a known fact that television has been taking over the annual San Diego Comic-Con for the past couple of years. Where film has been bogged down with a countless number of remakes and sequels, television has been relatively fresh, providing audiences with new content that may not be entirely original but still lures everyone in. One of those tantalizing television shows that draws us in every week is AMC’s The Walking Dead which, go figure, will have a big presence once again at the Con.

We’re already edging a little bit closer to season 4 of The Walking Dead. Is it just me or does it feel like The Walking Dead was barely put on the air just a year or so ago? Time certainly does fly when you’re hooked onto a show. Just a few years ago comic book creator Robert Kirkman was writing up The Walking Dead. Surely he had no idea that the popularity of the comic would blow up to the extreme lengths that it has now.

On the poster below we see a few of our survivors trying to hack and shoot their way through a hoard of zombies. Of course they had to put the character Daryl up towards the middle of the poster. The character’s surge of popularity has never really made sense to this reporter but the women seem to love the hell out of him. Any who, the panel will be taking place on Friday, July 19th, so keep on the lookout for our coverage on The Walking Dead and all things Comic-Con related!


What are you looking forward to seeing out of season 4 of The Walking Dead?

Source: IGN