captain planet don cheadle

A big blue muscle-bound and environmentally-conscious guy with a green mullet wearing skin-tight underwear, a halter-top, and boots, who shows up whenever a multi-ethnic group of children wear a bunch of rings and shout out the names of the Earth elements they fight to protect—a Republican’s dark nightmare, or the plot of a mid 1990s cartoon series called Captain Planet and the Planeteers?

Well, it was the plot to Captain Planet and the Planeteers, a kitschy, 100-episode collection of 1990s camp rolled up into an animated superhero story about a guy who really likes fighting for the environment.  And somehow, it’s being made into a live action film by Sony.

The studio is apparently gambling that audiences will pay to see a not-intentionally campy version of the story on the big screen (as well as banking on the fact that the required poly-ethnic casting for Captain Planet’s Planeteers will help with the foreign box office), despite the fact that the hero’s name is Captain Planet, he’s blue with green hair, and he’s summoned by a bunch of teenagers with what appear to be giant Ring-Pops.

No word yet on who will be in the running to play Cap, but it likely won’t be Don Cheadle, unfortunately.

What do you think of the Captain Planet news?

Source: /Film