Sex and love were in the air on last night’s Franklin & Bash. “Good Lovin” brought back Peter’s mom – the lovely Jane Seymour – who finds herself in legal trouble when her profession is mistaken as prostitution. Things got pretty uncomfortable for Peter, who just couldn’t talk about his mother’s vagina freely. Thankfully, Jared was there to save the day and that he did.

The Players:

  • Director: Mike Listo, Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Writer: Bill Chais, Matt McGuinness, Bill Krebs, Kevin Falls
  • Cast: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Breckin Meyer, Malcolm McDowell, Tricia Helfer, Reed Diamond, Kumail Nanjiani

Episode Title: “Good Lovin”

When Peter’s mother Colleen is arrested on prostitution charges, the boys must prove her methods are purely therapeutic. Meanwhile, Jared begins a sexual relationship with assistant DA Ellen Swatello (Rhea Seehorn). And Damien attempts to get an endorsement from a retiring judge.

The Good:

  • Hate Sex Affair: Jared begins to have hate sex with Ellen, an assistant DA who’s meaner than mean. Fortunately, she’s likable, and that’s what makes it a lot of fun. Jared’s goofiness is a perfect match to Swatello’s dry humor. Together they share some of the most entertaining scenes this show’s ever seen.
  • Hooker Jokes: Peter has a hard time talking about his mother’s sexcapades, but that’s not the case with Jared. He talks about her vagina so freely, it’s a little terrifying. The closing scene was the best as Jared tells Franklin that he’d prefer to have sex with his mom than have a pet Pterodactyl (like the ones we saw on Jurassic Park.)
  • Spying on Rob Lowe: There wasn’t a whole lot of Pindy during this episode, but the little we saw was great. He spent his time obsessing over his new neighbor Rob Lowe, who he spies on with a telescope! Can you smell the cameo?

Best Lines:

  • “People bowling isn’t real.” –Pindar
  • “I remember my first time, I was 16, she was 50.” –Infeld
  • “You’re standing really close to me right now, and you smell like sex.”–Pindar
  • “I’m trying to keep your mom’s vagina out of jail.” –Franklin

The So-So:

  • Colleen’s Case: While Colleen’s case made for some funny jokes, it wasn’t clear how she got off the hook, or why she was arrested in the first place. According to Jared and Peter, an undercover cop caught her exchanging sex for money, then somehow she got convicted for being a pimp. How did that happen? Also, there was talk about making a law with this case. Did that ever happen? Because if it did, it totally went over our heads.


“Good Lovin” was all about sex and some love. There were good jokes, and great chemistry between Jared and that assistant DA. We hope the writers bring her back because she’s good! But a lot of the jokes were lost on the confusing case. We know it was meant to be funny, but it doesn’t have to be this complicated. This is Franklin & Bash, not Mad Men.

Rating: 7.5/10

Franklin and Bash airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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