hell baby

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are generally known for two things: As the stars and creators of The State and Reno 911!, and as the writers behind such films as Night at the Museum and Taxi. And though they’ve definitely been behind some of the more recent hacky comedies (like The Pacifier), they do know funny. Which they’ve hopefully delivered with Hell Baby.

In the first trailer for the film, we see the set up and the cast they’ve wrangled to appear in the film. Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb play a pregnant couple that buy a haunted house and ignore the warning signs that it’s evil. Garant and Lennon play two chain smoking Vatican priests, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel play cops, and Keegan Michael Key plays an annoying next door neighbor. As they ignore the warning signs, Bibb gets demonically possessed and that leads to the birth of the Antichrist. Here’s that trailer:

There are some good laughs in the trailer, which effectively lays out the plot of the film (which functions as a parody of both The Omen and The Amityville Horror), and then relies on Lennon and Garant’s slightly creepy, always smoking priests to act as the comic relief. The film played Sundance where we saw it and liked it, so we’re looking forward to checking out Hell Baby when it starts streaming July 25, or when it shows up in theaters on September 6.

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