Ever since Marvel had one the largest cinematic hits in human history with The Avengers, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have been wanting to copy the universe-building formula and make similar amounts of money by doing the exact same thing with The Justice League.  Warner Bros. was cautious, though, and held off until Man of Steel’s release to determine whether or not audiences wanted DC’s brand of more god-like and supernatural heroes.  And with Man of Steel’s success, the studio has tapped Man of Steel writer David Goyer to pen a sequel, as well as a Justice League script.  But Henry Cavill, who plays the newest incarnation of Superman in Man of Steel, seems to have his doubts about the Justice League enterprise.

In a recent interview with Peter Travers (via Coming Soon), Cavill noted that a Justice League film “could be great if done correctly” but that “it’s a very tough one to do because the DC comic heroes are all god-like in their power.”

“Justice League, more movies, I have no idea…in this real world setting we’re telling our story in, it’s going to be tough to achieve that and it has to be done very delicately with a lot of thought. So, it won’t be right away, I hope it’s not anyway. It may take some time of building up other movies and other characters and introducing them together in one way or another. I think it would be great to do, but I don’t think it’s around the corner.”

Though he has no real control over the process, Cavill’s viewpoint on the situation seems to be the most rational one (and the one closest to Marvel’s style of universe building): introduce a group of superheroes via a series of individual films, and then have them all team up in a Justice League film years later.  The projected 2015 release date, however, for a JL film, may put the kibosh on all of that.

Do you agree with Cavill?