People love rumors, to the point of where there are entire magazines that thrive off the ones centering around the private lives of celebrities. Movie-goers want to know the latest about a movie in development, even if it is just on a little rumor that more than likely will end up being proven false. Then there’s Doctor Strange, one of Marvel‘s upcoming movies that may have just been slightly spoiled for movie-goers if the latest rumors prove to be true.

The popular sleuth movie site Latino Review revealed just a little bit of the plot that we’ll supposedly see in a couple of years for Doctor Strange. They reveal just a pinch of the mystical man’s origin, which isn’t that big of a spoiler if you’ve been keeping up with the comics. In the next couple of weeks leading up to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, they will be slowly revealing even more of the plot which is probably pissing off Marvel to no end.

But who’s to say that this is true? Maybe Marvel will let this one slide, continuing to let the website post more nuggets of information about the Doctor Strange story. We still have a couple of years until Doctor Strange will make it’s way out into theaters, perhaps Marvel will one-up the site and completely rearrange the story. Then again who knows. All I’m hoping for is a decent interpretation of Doctor Strange. Check out the video below:

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! ‘Doctor Strange’ Plot Details REVEALED! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.

Do you read spoilers or would rather wait to see the movie when it comes out?

Source: Slashfilm