World War Z

Here’s what happens when your movie opens above all expectations and does $66 Million for the three day: You get sequel talk. World War Z bowed with impressive numbers this weekend and is over $111 Million worldwide, and so Paramount is already making noise about a follow up.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Paramount is now talking with Brad Pitt about a World War Z 2. The film was initially viewed as the start of a trilogy, but no one thought that would never happen after the movie fell into production difficulties. Now, perhaps, those plans are back on.

World War Z was directed by Marc Forster, and if you’ve been following the film’s production you know that the film was delayed and had seven weeks of reshoots, with new material sculpted by Damon Lindelof, Drew Goddard and Christopher McQuarrie. Often when a film is known as a troubled production, knives come out and the film bombs (like in the cases of Jack the Giant Slayer and John Carter), but it appears that Pitt’s promotional efforts paid off.

The big question now is who will direct it. It’s possible that Forster could come back, and with the extensive reshoots, it seems that the problems with the film had more to do with the material than the filmmaker. Still, he was the captain of a troubled production. If things move fast, we could see a sequel some time in 2015. But as the film cost in the $170 Million range (at least), World War Z is going to have to make somewhere in the neighborhood of half a billion to actually get a sequel. Right now, it’s all talk.

Did you watch World War Z this weekend? Do you want a sequel?