At this point it’s no argument; Dwayne Johnson is our go-to action actor for this decade. He’s starred in a number of random action films, been a part of the reboot/sequel for the G.I. Joe franchise and is set to star in a number of other big name franchises within the next couple of years. Will Terminator 5 be one of them? That’s what the rumor mill is currently hinting at, and we may be inclined to believe them. It wouldn’t be that far-fetched to see Dwayne Johnson as a Terminator or part of the resistance.

A couple of days ago we were tackling the rumor stating that Arnold Schwarzenegger would return as the Terminator in the fifth installment of the franchise, but now they’re saying that Dwayne Johnson may star in the new film. It’s a little hard to swallow, considering that Dwayne Johnson’s schedule is ridiculously packed up with a number of random movies, including Hercules. There doesn’t seem to be any room in the immediate future for Terminator 5 to fit, but who knows? Maybe this rumor is true and he does happen to do it. That wouldn’t be too surprising.

Then again, what would his role be in the picture? Maybe he would turn out to be the go-to guy to tear apart Terminators with his own bare hands for John Connor. Perhaps he’ll be a newer version of the Terminator, tanner and more menacing than any we’ve seen before. Either way this is a rumor, so take this with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed or denied.

Would you want to see Dwayne Johnson in Terminator 5?

Source: Slashfilm