the smurfs 2

Because the universe we inhabit is a vast, frightening expanse in which meaninglessness rules all, chaos reigns, and horrors and terrors befall humanity for no other reason beyond the cruel and simple fact that they can, The Smurfs film nearly made $600,000,000 in 2011.  As such, with a belly full of cold indifference, the universe (and Sony Pictures) has amassed its spirit-crushing bile and belched forth The Smurfs 2.  And, much like the trumpets of doom heralding Armageddon, they’ve even released a trailer.

In it, we see that Gargamel has created a race of Smurf-esque grey things called the Naughties, whom he hopes will capture the super duper magical Smurf-essence, or something.  I don’t know, ask your kids.

Anyway, his plan apparently hinges on turning Smurfette into a bad guy in Paris, where she will then reveal to him all of the Smurf secrets, and then he’ll be all powerful or something something.  Seriously, though—it’s a movie about a bunch of CGI Smurfs running around making obvious pop culture references that kids will find clever.  Here’s your trailer:

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Sofia Vergara, Hank Azaria, Katy Perry, Christina Ricci, and Jonathan Winters in his final role, The Smurfs 2 is set for a July 31 release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Coming Soon