At this point I’m coming under the impression that we may be receiving at least one piece of new Star Wars information every week, whether it pertains to the new trilogy or the television show. This time around we’re talking about Star Wars Rebels, the newly titled animated TV series that we hopefully will be seeing more of in the near future.

While there may not be any official stills to sneak a peek at, we at least have a better understanding of what kind of characters we’ll be following throughout the show. For those of you who may or may not know, Star Wars Rebels is set to take place between Star Wars Episode III and Star Wars Episode IV. In some ways the story ideas could be infinite, since they’ll be giving them a nice chunk of time to expand on established characters in the universe, along with a few new ones. The main characters will be in the teenager range, which works considering that this will more than likely air on a kid-friendly channel. The story focuses on the Empire who are trying their best to snuff out the remaining Jedi Knights while a rebellion continues to grow.

You know what else is really fantastic about this news? Mark Hamill, our own Luke Skywalker, will be lending his voice to the animated series at some point. Personally I can’t wait to see what this show will look like.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars Rebels?

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