Can two big pictures survive in the wake of Man of Steel? If so we could be seriously looking at a box office where the top ten could earn over or near $200 Million in total. It’s a big weekend as there’s Pixar’s Monsters University, and Brad Pitt in World War Z.

As for MU, here’s what you need to know. The lowest opening weekend Pixar has had in June is Ratatouille. It still did $47 Million. The lowest grossing total for a June Pixar movie is Cars 2, which made $192 Million domestic. Which means that Monsters in a position to do around, if not slightly better than the average Pixar opening as people like the first film. Brave did $66 Million, this should do $70 Million plus, with a shot at $80 Million. That would make it the second highest opening weekend for a Pixar movie, behind Toy Story 3, which made $110 Million over its three day.

It feels like the Marc Forster-directed World War Z has turned the buzz around with a series of screenings where Brad Pitt showed up to introduce the movie. Currently the movie is fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and Pitt had a great late night appearance this week. But even with people not actively avoiding the film as they did with After Earth, How good can this movie do? Ultimately the film probably cost too much to turn a profit theatrically (there’s been rumors of a $200 Million budget), but considering that the film had seven weeks of reshoots and an entirely re-written third act, if it can get over $120 Million domestic it’s in pretty good shape if Pitt can bring them in internationally.

But it’s going to have a tough time topping Man of Steel, which is coming off a $116 Million dollar weekend, and should be able to get over $200 Million by Saturday. So let’s make some numbers:

  1. Monsters University – $75.5 Million
  2. Man of Steel – $50.9 Million
  3. World War Z - $46.8 Million
  4. This is the End – $12.3 Million
  5. Now You See Me – $7.5 Million

Superman could go lower, but it feels like audiences like what they got, going by the weekday numbers. But it’s a huge weekend, regardless.

What are you going to watch this weekend?