t rex jurassic park

Initially, Universal had set Jurassic Park 4 with a release date in 2014, which — considering there was no cast or crew set — seemed like a form of optimism verging on insanity. Once Colin Trevorrow came on board, there was word that the studio had set aside some studio space for filming this summer, but it looks like cooler heads have prevailed, and the film will see the light of say in 2015.

Coming Soon was at the licensing expo, and found a banner that announced JP4 as a 2015 release. There’s also word (unconfirmed) that the film will be in 3D. Though 2015 was once considered a crowded year of mega-blockbusters, what with The Avengers 2, Justice League and Star Wars Episode 7 all announced for 2015′s summer, Justice League is decidedly not happening, and Star Wars would likely be a May release — as have been all the other films in the franchise — if it hits theaters in 2015, which is still not confirmed.

That means the summer of 2015  is fairly wide open, though Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has already called the Fourth of July weekend. As has been the case lately, with studios slot-calling their release dates for films that haven’t even started production, it’s likely that Universal will pick a date for their Dinosaur picture shortly. And once that’s settled, they can start working on casting, and pre-production, and all the more important things.

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