Ryan Reynolds

Relax, Highlander fans—Ryan Reynolds, who has brought his franchise-killing kiss of death to Blade, Deadpool, The Amityville Horror, and The Green Lantern, has now bailed on the Highlander reboot.  Thus, if history as taught us anything, there’s a chance it will now not be terrible.

That said, the news that Reynolds has dropped out of the incredibly long-gestating project is simply the latest in a long string of hang-ups that have hamstrung the project and left it in development hell for some time.

Justin Lin was set to helm the reboot, but split in 2011 in order to direct Fast and Furious 6.  His replacement, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was then hired, and then promptly quit at the end of 2012 due to “creative differences.”  And, as /Film notes, it appears that the game of musical chairs with possible directors has gotten old for Reynolds, who has now officially left the project.

So, who will star as Connor MacLeod, the immortal Scottish warrior made semi-famous by Christopher Lambert in the original 1986 film?  No one has been mentioned, and likely won’t until a new director can be found to helm the project, and then quit six months into it.

What do you think about the Highlander news?