The Mortal Instruments

There’s no denying that Harry Potter and Twilight made a huge dent on pop culture, and so with both franchises (at least for the moment) laid to rest, fans may be willing to check out the off-brand versions of those stories. So far, the only film franchise that’s made an impact is The Hunger Games, but later this summer sees the launch of The Mortal Instruments, and its first entry City of Bones. And here’s the latest trailer.

Here you can see the basic premise. There’s a hidden world where a centuries old fight between good and evil is being waged just under the surface of our society. Lily Collins is the person who thought she was ordinary, but it turns out she’s special, and has to then train to fight the evil. Jared Harris co-stars as Basil Exposition. Check it out:

Seeing this, we’re reminded of how well Lionsgate sold The Hunger Games. They made an event out of every casting notice, and hyped their footage to no end. But now that we’ve seen the release of other films that have tried to capitalize on similar premises (like Beautiful Creatures and The Host), it’s hard to say if The Hunger Games succeeded because of the hype, or if it succeeded because it was actually good — which made the studio hype it. With The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, we’re definitely not seeing much hype, and there doesn’t seem to be much faith that this is the next big anything. But we’ll know for sure when the film hits theaters August 21.

Do you have a favorite YA novel that should hit the big screen?