Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor

Despite the fact that we’re still two years away from The Avengers 2’s official release, seeing as how The Avengers was one of the most successful films of all time, well… there’s a lot of endless speculation going on about the plot, about the cast, about the characters, etc.  Hence, this article, in which we discuss writer-director Joss Whedon’s recalcitrance at the idea of bringing back Loki for the superhero sequel.

Despite the fact that Loki and his god mullet have already appeared in Thor and The Avengers, and is set to show up in Thor: The Dark World, it appears that Whedon doesn’t really want the return of a villain who oddly resembles Rooney Mara in his second Avengers film.

During a recent Empire podcast (via /Film), Whedon noted that he is loathe to try and make a gimmick out of repeating The Avengers’ best moments.  And seeing how two of the most notable moments of the film involved Loki (his ragdoll encounter with the Hulk, and his dropping of the invective “quim”), Whedon is looking to ensure Loki doesn’t return at all as any form of temptation:

Everyone is going to be looking for the Loki-Hulk smash moment [in Avengers 2] and you’ll be looking for “quim.”  First of all, imitating what I did before is the surest way to do it not as well. Second of all, Loki’s not there to say those terrible things. Although I do think we should bring the word back. Not as an insult, it’s just a nice word.

While this may be too bad for Tom Hiddleston, it would be nice for Marvel films to expand their recurrent rogues gallery beyond just Loki.

What do you think of The Avengers 2 news?