Apparently a source believes that Zack Snyder, David Goyer and Warner Bros are basically in possession of Hermoine Granger’s magical time-turner necklace if they think that they can complete Man of Steel 2 in time for a 2014 release. If you think that we’re just making up this story, just wait until you read how this ludicrous rumor first came to be.

The Wall Street Journal decided that they wanted to unleash the ridiculous rumor that Warner Bros is hoping they’ll have a sequel to the successful Man of Steel out in theaters at some point next year. If there’s a script already finished and Snyder is beginning to prep without all of us being aware of it, then it might be possible. Then again, they were sitting in post-production perfecting Man of Steel for roughly around a year. One would imagine that they would need the same amount of time to put all of the movie together, so a 2014 release sounds practically impossible to do.

If you think that’s the weirdest news you’ve heard so far today, that’s not the last of it. Wall Street Journal is also reporting that WB could be making Justice League in time for a 2015 release. I’m not so sure about that one. Warner Bros has been talking about making a Justice League movie for years, only to have it continually slip through the development cracks time after time. Sure, at this point it may seem like they could make one, but we’re siding with Henry Cavill when he says we’d rather see a Batman/Superman movie.

What DC comic characters would you like to see Warner Bros make into a movie the next 10 years?

Source: Cinema Blend / The Wall Street Journal