In what is likely to be a surprise to no one, Man of Steel was the number one film in America this weekend. That it did over $100 Million, and that it did so easily is also not all that surprising. It is the latest superhero movie. Still, this could have gone much, much worse.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Man of Steel $113,080,000 $26,879 $125,080,000
2 This is the End $20,500,000 $6,710 $32,800,000
3 Now You See Me $10,320,000 (-45.8) $3,348 $80,009,000
4 Fast and Furious 6 $9,433,000 (-51.9) $2,795 $219,574,000
5 The Purge $8,201,000 (-75.9)
$3,165 $51,845,000
6 The Internship $7,000,000 (-59.6) $2,059 $30,951,000
7 Epic $6,000,000 (-49.5) $1,904 $95,429,000
8 Star Trek Into Darkness $5,660,000 (-50.5) $2,428 $210,491,000
9 After Earth $3,750,000 (-65.0) $1,542 $54,200,000
10 Iron Man 3 $2,908,000 (-49.5) $1,763 $399,610,000


Superman had advanced sales and Thursday night screenings, which is why $12 Million of its opening weekend numbers are being counted as Thursday box office. This is strange as a number of films recently have had soft opens/10pm shows that weren’t counted as Thursday numbers, but I guess when a film is scheduled to open as big as Man of Steel, and records are at stake, then it’s more important to get it right. Regardless, the film now has the highest June opening weekend on record.

And though the film didn’t open as big as Iron Man 3, etc. It’s worth noting that this is a first film in a new franchise, and that the last couple Superman films weren’t all that well received. In that way this is a huge triumph. But with a budget over $200 Million, regardless of the domestic numbers, the film is going to need international business. Currently it’s made over $70 Million in foreign markets, which puts the film’s total near $200. But if MoS doesn’t collapse next weekend, it’s in a good place to make $300 Million domestic, though it’s hard to say how big it will be worldwide. It could make an all-in total of $600 Million, or possibly a billion.

This is the End is looking to be a small success. It did $20 Million for the weekend, but it could have a slightly longer play than most summer movies, and should be able to get over $70 Million, and possibly over $100 Million if word of mouth is strong. Now You See Me has strangely been an audience favorite, and should get over $100 Million at this point.  So that’s good news.

On to the bad news. Last weekend’s big movie The Purge fell to fifth place and dropped over 75%. That’s a steep decline even for horror, and the film now has the twenty-fifth sharpest drop in cinema. The Internship lost nearly 60% of its gross, and probably won’t make it to $60 Million, and After Earth is plummeting like a rock. This should be its last frame in the top ten, and will probably top out somewhere around $65 Million domestic. Ouch.

Back to more positive news. Iron Man 3 is a couple days away from crossing the $400 Million dollar mark. And with international numbers in Fast and Furious 6 is now the biggest of the franchise, while Epic should cross the $100 Million dollar mark, even though Monsters University comes out next Friday.

Reality Check:  I went a little high on This is the End, but otherwise my predictions were pretty spot on.

What did you watch this weekend?