For decades Disney and Star Wars have shared a special bond. By bond I mean that Disney has integrated Star Wars into their theme parks scattered across the world ever since the release of the first trilogy. It’s been a long time coming, but apparently now Disney is looking to expand on the continual surge of Star Wars popularity with giving the franchise it’s own section of Disney World.

There’s no such thing as over-saturation when it comes to Disney taking advantage of it’s more popular properties. They know how to delicately use the popularity of a film to their advantage, whether it be their own or from one of their sister companies like Pixar. Throughout the years they’ve taken good care of showing off the Star Wars franchise, between their fun merchandise to a couple of the cool rides or even the stage shows inspired by the movies that take place on a daily basis around the world. Apparently Disney is rumored to be expanding Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. With that expansion comes their own version of Cars Land and Star Wars Land. Since the idea of cars being alive sounds like it’s from an off-beat science fiction novel, Cars Land won’t look too entirely odd standing next to Star Wars Land.

Now the question isn’t only whether or not this rumor is true, but what will we be seeing in the brand new attraction. If this happens to be true, we won’t see Star Wars Land until 2018. At that point we would have seen at least Star Wars: Episode VII in theaters. At the moment there’s no clue given as to what could be in the park, other than the updated Star Tours (if they move it from Epcot to there), so your guess is as good as mine.

What would you like to see in Star Wars Land?

Source: Slashfilm / Theme Park Insider