Man of Tai Chi

Keanu Reeves never went crazy with power after The Matrix. He’s mostly done a movie every once in a while, and a number of those have been indie films. It seems he’s become more interested in getting behind the camera. Recently he was involved in a documentary, and now we have a trailer for his directing debut Man of Tai Chi. In it he knows kung fu, but not in a nice way.

Tiger Hu Chen stars as a Tai Chi master that Reeves recruits to fight in his underground games. It appears that not all are to the death, but it looks pretty brutal. As they are underground, hence illegal, there’s a cop chasing after Reeves and co, and that character is played by Karen Mok, so it’s possible she’s also a love interest, or perhaps they felt like they needed at least one female in the cast. Here’s that trailer:

Is it just us, or is there a Bloodsport influence on the film? There are the winks and nods to The Matrix, but with the underground tournament fights, we found it hard not to think of the Kumite. A film like this is made by its fighting scenes, and Reeves knows his kung fu at this point (as is evinced in the trailer) so this could be a lot of fun. Currently the film has no release date, but it looks like the film is finished, so it’s more than likely we’ll see it by the end of the year. Perhaps even before 47 Ronin.

How long has it been since you’ve seen a good kung fu movie?