The combination of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx makes this summer’s White House Down look like one of the best bets for maximum entertainment in the upcoming weeks. And the first clip from the movie plays up the duo’s relationship, which casts Tatum as the more seen-it-all type, and Foxx as the well-meaning bumbler. Check it out…

In this clip we see Tatum and Foxx in the president’s vehicle, which is being shot at by… terrorists? They have to be terrorists simply by what they’re doing, but as this looks like a riff on Die Hard (and the second Die Hard in the White House movie of 2013), they could be (un)common thieves. But then there’s the introduction of a rocket launcher, which will hopefully get the two out of their sticky predicament. Here’s that clip:

Honestly, this looks like the sort of scene that plays better in context, as this could be a fun moment after we get to know the characters. What’s interesting is that both Foxx and Tatum can do comedy, and both are just as agile at bumbling as they are at going steely and focused. They could both do either part, but it’s funny that in 2013 it’s harder to believe Channing Tatum being the president of the two. White House Down opens June 28.

Do you think White House Down will be better than Olympus has Fallen?