Man of Steel

Following a wave of well-received preview screenings, as well as a deluge of good to great reviews (read our review here), it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. has already fast tracked a sequel to Man of Steel, which is set for a release (and box office dominion) later this week.

Further, Warner Bros. is ensuring that their dream team that made Man of Steel—director Zack Snyder, screenwriter David Goyer, and producer Christopher Nolan—will all be returning to make Man of Steel 2.  However, before you get too excited, Nolan fans, know that the Dark Knight Trilogy director will be working on Man of Steel 2 in a reduced capacity, and won’t be overseeing it quite as much as he did the first films.  So go ahead and let your fears about quality control on Man of Steel 2 begin now.

The Man of Steel 2 news comes on the heels of the new Justice League info—in that, there will indeed be a Justice League film, and David Goyer will be writing it.  So, can Man of Steel 2 be seen a bridge from the Supes franchise to the Justice League films, a la Iron Man 2?  And, if so, can Snyder please make sure it isn’t anywhere as terrible as Iron Man 2?  Are we sure Nolan isn’t too busy to just oversee this thing?

Will you be seeing Man of Steel this weekend?

Source:  Deadline