The Justice League

A few months ago, we reported to you that reception to Gangster Squad writer Will Beall’s script for a proposed Justice League film was pretty poorly received over at Warner Bros.—so much so that the movie studio all but gave up on their attempt to copy Marvel at the world-building Avengers films.  In fact, Warner Bros. then planned on only making a Justice League film if Man of Steel was a hit, and even then only begin a Justice League franchise after a Man of Steel trilogy was complete.

Oh, but how things have changed in a few months.  Now that Man of Steel is scoring solid to great reviews (read our review here), Warner Bros. is not only already planning a Superman sequel with Zack Snyder, David Goyer, and Christopher Nolan returning, they’ve hired Goyer to write a new Justice League screenplay.

Deadline is reporting that Goyer has inked a contract paying him to write Man of Steel, Man of Steel 2, and The Justice League.  Further, Comic Book Movie quoted Goyer as saying this at the Man of Steel premiere:

They’ve got a little kryptonite pellet embedded in my heart and if I say anything it will explode, but I would be a very rich man for all the times I was asked that question. It all depends on how the [Man of Steel] does. I would love to see a Justice League film, absolutely. Put the Avengers on notice.

It’s very doubtful that the people at Marvel are shaking in their tights and capes right now, but who knows?  If Man of Steel clobbers at the box office as expected, Marvel may have a reason to worry.

What do you think of the Justice League news?

Source: /Film