At the moment a lot of fans are worried about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We understand that it’s been a trend for years for them to use around two villains in order to heighten the suspense in a superhero movie. But if you’ve already got an estimated three villains in there, and are rumored to have a fourth just around the corner, that’s overkill. Luckily director Marc Webb and actor Jamie Foxx are here to reassure fans that the sequel will still be a blast no matter what. Fingers crossed.

Although actors are supposed to boast about their new movies no matter what, which I figure has to do with some sort of contractual obligation, it’s still always nice to read up on what he/she has to say about their latest blockbuster project. Take for instance Jamie Foxx who was more or less ecstatic to be part of the film (and wear a cool costume to boot).

“It’s been fantastic. [Director] Marc Webb has been fantastic to work with. What I’ve learned on the set… that suit, that Spider-Man suit… the first thing I had to shoot it was like… not tears, but this is the real thing. It was mind-blowing.”

Then there’s director Marc Webb who’s trying to keep our anticipation perked up for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a brand new picture of… a taxi cab flipped upside down. One wonders who did the flipping in the first place. Was it Electro? The Rhino? Perhaps it was the rumored villain Vulture? Who knows. Either way it’s a really boring picture. Check it out below.


Are you still looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Source: TotalFilm / Coming Soon!