The Purge 5

The Purge supposedly cost $3 Million to make, which — by Hollywood math — means the film was in profit sometime on Friday. The truth of profitability is likely to be far more complicated, but there is no way this isn’t a gigantic win, and that the film is already setting up a sequel makes all the sense in the world. The Internship? Much less exciting.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Purge $36,379,000 $14,345 $36,379,000
2 Fast and Furious 6 $19,760,000 (-43.8%) $5,240 $202,946,000
3 Now You See Me $19,500,000 (-33.6%) $6,457 $61,374,000
4 The Internship $18,100,000 $5,377 $18,100,000
5 Epic $12,100,000 (-27.2%) $3,367 $84,155,000
6 Star Trek Into Darkness $11,700,000 (-30.3%) $3,712 $200,140,000
7 After Earth $11,200,000 (-59.3%) $3,293 $46,592,000
8 The Hangover Part III $7,380,000 (-55.0%) $2,276 $102,374,000
9 Iron Man 3 $5,787,000 (-31.5%) $2,462 $394,316,000
10 The Great Gatsby $4,230,000 (-35.1%) $1,958 $136,175,000

The Purge was thought to make $20 Million at most, which would have been a big win for the picture, but it overachieved. Much like the success of Now You See Me, this partly seems a reaction to being surrounded by would-be blockbusters, etc. Both films had simple, interesting premises and they caught the audience’s attention, and were much bigger than expected. The Purge should get to $70 Million, while at this rate Now You See Me should get over $100 Million domestic.

Fast and Furious 6 should make it to around $250 Million, but as the film is even bigger internationally, and they’ve already green-lit the sequel? Well, not much to say. One wonders how much money Google put into The Internship. With that level of crossover branding, it’s possible that Google actually paid the budget of the movie as a new advertising strategy. It’s possible the film could get to $50 Million or more, but that area seems the ceiling.

Epic has one more weekend to itself until Monsters University hits screens, and it is likely to clear $100 domestic, and it could get over that internationally. But it still seems like a dump. Star Trek Into Darkness is approaching the total that the first film made in 2009, and it should be able to pass that. It’s at around $375 worldwide currently, where the original made $385 all in. But the first film also made $257 Million domestically (which this won’t), and was not in 3D, which means this has sold a significantly lower number of tickets.

With After Earth, it’s hard to tell who audiences rejected more, M. Night Shyamalan, Will Smith or Jaden Smith. Or perhaps some combination of the three. But at the rate the film is plummeting it could be out of the top ten next week, and stall out at around $60 Million domestic. There could be some leveling off, but it looks like the film has no chance of getting anywhere near $100 domestic, and may not be able to make $70 Million. International might be the saving grace, but still. The Hangover crossed $100 million, and with strong international numbers the film is a huge hit. So it’s smart everyone has decided to take the money and run/call it quits. Iron Man 3 is going to cross the $400 million mark , making it one of seventeen films to do so. But next weekend brings Man of Steel, which is going to be huge. How huge? Unknown. But it could be the eighteenth film to make over $400 Million. That’s not out of the question.

Reality Check: I generally went low on everything, and didn’t think The Purge would do the phenomenal numbers it did. I also didn’t think audiences would kneecap After Earth as hard as they did. But such is life.

What did you watch this weekend?