There’s been a lot of discussion over who will be playing the main villain in the upcoming sequel The Expendables 3, one that in some ways feels completely unnecessary. Nevertheless, the search continues for the villain, but it may be over if the latest rumor surrounding the action franchise is true. Word has it that Mel Gibson will be playing the next big bad guy to try and battle against Sylvester Stallone and his group of action heroes from yesteryear. Is it true? We’re not quite sure yet.

Throughout the past couple of years Mel Gibson has been slowly piecing together his comeback, but being rather quiet about it. Last year he popped up in the limited release movie Get The Gringo and recently took on the role of another big bad guy, this time in Robert Rodriguez‘s upcoming sequel Machete Kills. He’s certainly on his way to becoming better known for his acting career rather than his personal problems, which we’re all down for, so maybe landing a role like this in The Expendables 3 is just the extra push he needs in order to be universally loved once again in the public eye.

So far there’s a number of new actors that are joining the ever-growing cast of The Expendables 3 including Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan and Nicolas Cage, just to name a few. Although The Expendables films are cheesy and over-the-top, they still do a good job at bringing back some actors who at one point faded away from the spotlight. This appears to be something that will definitely be right up Mel Gibson’s alley.

Do you want to see Mel Gibson as the villain in The Expendables 3?

Source: Slashfilm