In the summertime, people tend to watch big blockbusters or comedies. With that in mind, you should go ahead and give the hilarious Identity Thief a try. Before its Blu-ray and DVD release, ScreenCrave interviewed actress Genesis Rodriguez in the most random of places… Dodger Stadium.

Near downtown Los Angeles a group of press folk made their way to Dodger Stadium for an afternoon filled with baseball, Dodger dogs and conversation. In honor of Identity Thief, Rodriguez was able to throw out the first pitch (lucky girl). After shaking her nervousness, she spoke with us about the film. She also gave insight into where her career’s headed and her love for  Arrested Development.

You’ve had a busy year so far with this and The Last Stand. What’s it like dipping into the action realm?

Genesis Rodriguez: It’s very unlike me. I’m uncoordinated and I’m clumsy. I walk like Gumby for the most part. It’s true! I don’t take myself too seriously and all of these characters tend to. They’re very intense. So it’s cool to be able to play like a badass but not be one really. So people believe it, sure! Why not?

You share a lot of scenes with T.I. in the movie. How much improvisation was on set with him?

Genesis Rodriguez: A lot of improv and a lot of it was the writing as well. We based it on the writing, what we needed to do in the scene. The first take is usually what they wanted in the script, then the second take was a little bit of improv and the third, after they got that shot, then we would just improvise. They would just use a lot of everything and it was pretty fun to be able to play around like that within a character. T.I. was a really good partner to have because he was really on it. He’s a really good actor, he’s funny and I guess people don’t really know how funny he is. He’s really easy to work with in terms of improvising. He would shoot one and me and my character Marisol would go ‘What did you just say!?’ He’s always bickering and it was fun.

Was it the same working with everybody else on Identity Thief?

Genesis Rodriguez: It was a gigantic family. I love Melissa [McCarthy] and I love Jason [Bateman]. Other than the fact that I’m a super fan of him and Arrested Development. I haven’t watched it yet! I’ve got bananas and Pop Secret at home. I’m waiting for my pity party of Arrested Development. I’ve got a little banner that says “You’re Killing Me Buster!” I’ve been dying for this moment. I probably have watched the series 20 times, easily. I don’t know whether to watch them all or sit down and savor each episode. I would like to watch them all straight but then there would be no more episodes!

Maybe they’ll make a movie one day and you’ll be like, “Hey, I’m a fan and an actress. Hire me!”

Genesis Rodriguez: That’ll be my biggest campaign. I signed a petition to bring it back, back in 2006. I think we were trying to get it on another network. A lot of people signed the petition. I never signed a petition in my life, other than that one.


Since you’re a big Arrested Development fan, were you nervous to meet Jason Bateman?

Genesis Rodriguez: You know I’d love to be but I can’t, because the guy gave me the job. I can’t be a super fan so I have to play it cool. I’m an actress so I know how to play it cool. But inside I was like, “Hooray!” I’ve been a super huge fan of Melissa since Gilmore Girls. Literally, I couldn’t be more happy because she deserves all the success in the world. She’s so talented, she’s so beautiful and she has so much to offer for women, for comedy. She’s just contributing a lot.

You started on Spanish television shows and now you’re in these big Hollywood movies. How’s the journey been so far?

Genesis Rodriguez: It’s been a beautiful thing… I’m hoping to inspire a new generation for Latinos but also Americans. I consider myself completely bi-cultural and bilingual. As much as I can continue working, and try to get those roles where they don’t give me the Hispanic name, I feel like I’m contributing. Those kind of things are very important to me and for what I represent. I feel honored and I’m having a great time. I can’t complain!

Next, you’ve got Hours coming out with Paul Walker. Can you tell us a little more about that film?

Genesis Rodriguez: This movie is a totally different kind of movie for him. It’s not about fast cars, it’s very dramatic. It’s a heart wrinkler, as I’d like to call it. Basically, it’s about a father trying to save his child’s life when Hurricane Katrina hits… Remember that when Katrina hit, people were without light, without food and how desperate are you to keep someone alive and to keep yourself alive? You see a lot of grittiness and a lot of raw emotion that you would not naturally see when something like this happens. This movie is a thinker piece. It makes you think what would I do in this situation? Would you be able to survive that kind of thing? Would you be able to go as far as he did?

Identity Thief is out on Blu-ray and DVD now.