the spoils of babylon

Fans of Matthew Piedmont and Will Ferrell’s Casa de Mi Padre, as well as 1980s “Event” mini-series television like The Thorn BirdsRoots, Jesus of Nazareth, etc, have a reason to celebrate today, as the Casa de Mi Padre team (including Piedmont, Ferrell, producer Adam McKay, and co-writer Andrew Steele) have joined forces with IFC to create the mini-series spoof, The Spoils of Babylon.  And now there’s a teaser.

The Spoils of Babylon is set to take aim at the pretentious TV novelizations of popular books in the 1970s and 1980s, deemed “Event Television” and usually stuffed to the brim with melodrama and overacting.   While the teaser contains no footage (filming will begin later this year to meet an early 2014 airdate), it does capture the mood and tenor of commercials for such television in the 1980s.  Check it out:

The Spoils of Babylon will star Ferrell, Kristin Wiig, Tobey Maguire, Tim Robbins, Val Kilmer, Jessica Alba, Michael Sheen, and Haley Joel Osment in the story of the oil-rich Morehouse family as they descend into adultery, drug abuse, illegal arms trades, “international espionage,” and incest (so it’s basically Arrested Development set in the 1980s).  Oh, and Will Ferrell shows up as the Shah or Iran.

What do you think of The Spoils of Babylon teaser?

Source: /Film