Anna Nicole Smith was a model who turned into an even bigger name and personality in the past fifteen years than anybody could have imagined. A few years ago she died tragically but her name lives on thanks to Lifetime. They’ve released the first trailer for their made-for-television movie The Anna Nicole Story.

At the beginning of the trailer you think, okay, we’ll be dealing with the typical rise and fall of a celebrity. Then it continues on and reveals more of her personal life, some screaming, tickling and clown makeup? Wait, where did that happen in her life? Now I’m not one who’s too familiar with crazy celebrity antics, so it’s unclear as to how the Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith went from prancing around in lingerie in one shot to a sad clown in another.

Then again, this is Lifetime we’re referring to. More than likely we’re going to receive the super sob story of this woman’s life and her sudden tragic end. Biopics are a rather interesting genre of sorts, because one could easily manipulate their audience to feel an overwhelming amount of sympathy towards whoever it is they’re focusing on, even if said person in the real world was a bit of an awful human being. Anna Nicole was a rather outspoken celebrity, but it’ll be interesting to see what kind of spin this movie puts on her life.

Will you watch The Anna Nicole Story when it premieres on Lifetime?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter