For years, we’ve been hearing about the on again/off again development of DC/Vertigo’s beloved comic Fables getting a television show, but deals always fell through. But it’s not going to be a TV show. No, today we got the big announcement that Fables will now be turned into a movie.

Fables is the Eisner award winning comic that’s been in print since 2002. The story follows a group of the world’s favorite fairy tale characters, ranging from Snow White to Pinocchio, who have been exiled out of their mystical home world after the great war with “The Adversary.” Now they hide within the walls of a inconspicuous building hidden behind the many skyscrapers of New York City, trying their best to maintain a normal life. Jeremy Slater will be writing the script while director Nikolaj Arcel — who earlier this year was nominated for an Oscar on his work with A Royal Affair – will be taking on the project.

At this moment there’s no word as to who they’ll be looking to add to the main cast, but we can’t wait to see who they think will be perfect to play the arrogant Prince Charming or the bitchy Snow White. The main story with The Adversary that they’re dealing with and one wonders if they already have plans to expand that into a trilogy. There’s plenty of material to do so if that’s what they’re hoping to do.

Do you want to see a Fables movie?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter