The superhero portion of this summer movie season is nowhere near done. It’s June, which means we’ve officially moved away from the love surrounding Iron Man 3 and have begun counting down the days until we see the highly anticipated Man of Steel. The reboot of sorts has only teased a little bit of footage just from a couple of carefully cut trailers. But today we get to see a ton of clips and behind the scenes footage of our favorite Kryptonian.

This whole behind-the-scenes clip below looks like something you’d see on a DVD or Blu-ray release for Man of Steel, and it will surely pop up on there whenever the movie is released on home video. This is a nice way to not only tie over fans who are looking forward to the picture but shut up some of the fanboys/fangirls who have been demanding to see more footage of the movie before it comes out.

Some fans are a little bit worried about how Man of Steel will be, but can you blame them? The last time they tried resurrecting this monstrous movie franchise, we got Superman Returns, the Bryan Singer production that was met with mostly disappointment. Instead of building a sequel based off what Singer created, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment decided to start fresh with a new cast, filmmakers and slightly alternate take on an already familiar story. Now we’re just all wondering if Henry Cavill is spectacular enough on the big screen to win over the hearts of many as our new Superman.

Do you want to see Man of Steel? Why or why not?

Source: Collider