The first season of NBC’s Revolution is coming to a close. Tonight’s finale, “The Dark Tower” will put everything we believe into question. ScreenCrave recently spoke to star Billy Burke, who plays Miles Matheson, about what we can expect. The actor teased a Miles vs. Monroe confrontation as well as a Randall reveal. Plus, we couldn’t let him go without discussing the love triangle between Miles, Nora and Rachel.

In the finale, will we find out Randall’s true intentions?

Billy Burke: The short answer is yes. I can’t go into detail about it, but you’ll find out Randall’s M.O in this last episode.

Should we be prepared for any more deaths?

Billy Burke: The nature of the show is people are going to die in this scenario with the world being the way it is and the battle that we’re fighting… [Going into Season 2] It’s my guess that we’ll see new people and we might be saying goodbye to some others.

Would Miles really be able to kill Monroe if the opportunity presented itself?

Billy Burke: It’s pretty safe to say that I don’t think we’re going to end this season without some sort of final showdown between those two characters. We’ve seen that conflict go on for so long and the nature of these two guys. They’re both fighting a different sort of pathos within themselves. Each one thinks that they’re doing the same for the common good and for the overall right. That’s the struggle that we deal with. The brotherhood between them seems to be so strong that it’s overcome a lot of those moments but I don’t know how long that will continue.

As the season’s progressed Miles has gotten softer, while Charlie’s gotten harder. Can you talk about their relationship and how they’ve affected one another.

Billy Burke: That’s been sort of the fun dance to play with throughout this entire first season. We didn’t know it was coming any more than anybody else did. But as the scripts kept coming in, and we kept making the show what I realized—yeah, there was sort of a do-si-do going on. He was taking on her characteristics, while she was taking on his. Naturally, his fears for her becoming everything about him that he wouldn’t want anybody to be are boiling to the surface.

Will we get further insight into the triangle between Rachel, Miles and Nora?

Billy Burke: Maybe? I hate to be vague. At this point we sort of get it. I think viewers kind of see the overall dynamic no matter how oblique that might seem. You’ll start to get what’s happening, at least from where Miles is concerned.

It seems like Rachel and Miles relationship began way before the blackout. Do you know when it started?

Billy Burke: We still don’t know that. The actors don’t know that timeline and it’s something that we had to ask the moment that it came up and as it continued. It’s difficult to play stuff that you don’t know. In terms of the timeline and when it all happened, we actually don’t know. I’m as determined to find out as you are though.

Revolution’s season finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC.